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Copy Pasta

Copy Pasta is a program I originally wrote for myself in one afternoon, but seeing as many frequent forum users or helpers make copy/paste replies for common questions in forums I have decided to upload it here as well as the source code for anyone that may find it useful.

For those that don't like the idea of copy/paste replies, you can use this program to make notes about certain kinds of posts in your forum(s) for future reference.

This program is by no means perfect or packed with features, but it does the job. Please note that this is a very basic program. Whether or not I will expand on features depends on how many people intend to use it, and what you want. Feel free to make feature requests or submit patches.

Copy Pasta was written in C# and compiled for use in .NET 3.5. It uses an Access 2000 database. This is a basic Windows Forms application. I thought using WPF would be an overkill for something so simple.


What does the term "copypasta" mean?

"Copypasta" is a derogatory word for identical or non-identical text that has been copied and pasted numerous times on forums, often accompanied by an attempt to pass off the contents as new and original, or simply being irrelevant.

This program was called "Copy Pasta" as a joke more than anything else, as not all copy/paste text is irrelevant or bad, so long as its you add your own "flavour" to it and vary it over time. :-)

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